1.  Brief detailed description of sponsorship:

Promoting Your Company through Howard Michael Motorsports would be time and money well invested.  Funds/Product provided by Your Company would be applied toward the overall budget for each contracted race season.  In addition to promoting the Your Company brand on both my vehicle and car hauling trailer (in an agreed upon location), be aware that your brand would appear on all Howard Michael Motorsports marketing materials (which will be available at each race event and related promotional events) as well as on our webpage.  When Your Company supports my team, Howard Michael Motorsports looks forward to participating in any cross-promotional activities that would mutually benefit both Your Company and the racing team.

2. Contract Information:

The sponsorship contract will require a minimum 1 (one) year commitment to Howard Michael Motorsports.  By sponsoring Howard Michael Motorsports, the racing team will have access to use of the Your Company name and logo for marketing and promotional purposes.  As well, Your Company will have access to Howard Michael Motorsports’ name and logo for company use.  Royalties will not be traded for use of either logo by either company

A primary opportunity we provide to our sponsors is exposure.  This takes several forms:


  • Direct exposure at racing events

               see demographics below

  •  driver's and/or crew uniforms with company logo

  • Indirect exposure through graphics on race trailer and/or  tow vehicle
  • this trailer will be on the road approximately (30) weekends a year throughout Michigan, Indiana and Ohio with occasional trips to Wisconsin,  Pennsylvania, North Carolina or beyond.

  • Promotional appearances at trade shows, race tracks or company events
  • the race car, trailer and driver are available throughout the year, although on a somewhat restricted basis during race season. 

Another opportunity we offer is product display or demonstration.  There are multiple options for this type of activity also and can include;

  • Car and/or driver promotional appearances at retail outlets featuring sponsors products,
  • Sales promotions or contests designed to directly involve the retail customer launched at either retail outlets or race tracks,
  • VIP treatment for large or small groups (VIP suites, VIP tents, catered food, beverages, reserved seating when available.
  • Display, demo or complimentary distribution of product by race team,
  • Promotion of product by company sales personnel at racing events.
  • Team members sell clothing and/or products (toy cars, lighters, blankets, beverage can covers, etc.) with company and race team logos. 

Yet another opportunity we provide, which can sometimes be even more significant to our sponsors, is promoting employee participation, enthusiasm and teamwork.  This can also take several forms limited only by your imagination, including

  • Race car or team visits to corporate offices and/or business sites.
  • Championship Awards Banquet
  • Employee and/or client attendance at end of season awards banquet.
  • Corporate representatives receive recognition at banquet or participate in awards presentations. 

Demographics: (information derived from IHRA/NHRA)

AGE:                                                                          Brand Loyalty:

5%       under 17                                                          73% Motorsports

4%       over 55                                                            38% NBA/MLB

30%     35-54                                                               36% NFL

61%     18-34                                                               28% Olympics


96% own personal tools                                  79% own car radio

91% perform own vehicle maintenance          79% beer consumers

71% purchase aftermarket items from            87% have cable/satellite TV

        part stores or mail orders                         94% are soft drink consumers

32% plan on buying a car/truck in the            76% will purchase from convenience

        next 12 months                                                store two times per week

92% own a camera                                          67% own a cell phone

92% own a computer                                      90% are connected to the internet 


The base income of a NHRA/IHRA fan is higher than an average NASCAR fan.

12%     $50,000+

8%       $0-$9,999

21%     $40,000-$49,999

21%     $20,000-$29,999

38%     $30,000-$39,999

Brand Loyalty:

Drag racing Motorsports fans are the most band loyal


NHRA/IHRA fans provide a good mix of professional employees and skilled laborers:

51%     Blue collar

37%     White collar

12%     Sales and Clerical 


NHRA/IHRA market is currently male dominated but the female population is increasing each year.

79%     Male

21%     Female


HM Motorsports takes great pride in our company and our team always upholds standards of professionalism.  We always strive to reach the finish line first to put our sponsors ahead of the competition  


HM Motorsports