Bar's Leak and Rislone offers a full line of stop leak and engine treatment products designed for radiators and cooling systems, engine oil, transmission, and power steering issues.


Our sponsors listed below allow "HM Motorsports" to compete at a professional caliber.   The product offered by our Sponsors have provided our team with the best equipment, people and resources.  HM Motorsports is proud to have their sponsors support and dedication to the teams success.

Jesel have been making Great Quality rockers for several years and HM Motorsports is proud to add them to the team.  

HM Motorsports is proud to add Ron's Graphics Design to  the team.  Ron brings many qualities to the team, anything from creating decals/signs to supporting the crew in the pits.

 "Outlaw Photos"  Mike Grosso brings great quality to HM Motorsports with excellent photos for the fans and the website.

Providing outstanding fuel that has powered HM Motorsports to the finals 

The Worlds Largest Manufacturer/Designer of Strictly High Performance carburetors for a reason.

HM Motorsports is proud to have Kestrel to the team with their Pocket weather meter to keep track on the constant weather changes.  Look for Kestrel new weather station that will keep you ahead of the competition. 

Optima Batteries is the "Ultimate Power Source".   High-performance AGM batteries are not like any other batteries in the world.

Having quality gloves is having the perfect tool that fits like a glove.  Mechanix Wear is always in the Pits giving a helping hand.

King Bearings give you extra insurance against engine bearing failures.  HM Motorsports counts on the King in every motor.

Flitz offers a comprehensive line of polishes, cleaners, waxes, and accessories for metal (guns, stainless steel, chrome, etc), plastic, fiberglass, and more.  Cleans grim off headers like no other product.   Perfect for the Snowmobiles 

NGK is providing the spark the team needs to attack another  quest for a championship.  NGK Provides spark plugs for all of your needs.  You name it NGK can provide a performance plug for your needs chainsaws-scoters-snowmobiles-race cars-etc.

HM Motorsports is proud to have Mickey Thompson again for another year of outstanding tires.  These are tires that bring the team to the stripe ahead of the competition.  

Nothing fits like a quality Flatout Gasket.  HM Motorsports reused these Quality gaskets through-out several rebuilds with no issues. 

Safety-Kleen enables companies to fulfill their green initiatives. They push beyond recycled thinking to break new ground and create an environment that's good for business and the planet. "Safety-Kleen makes Green Work".

Howard Michael is proud to announce Masta Performance is back for another year of building indestructible transmissions

The Official Motorsports Unlimited Performance Parts Distributor.  Contact Ken Juszczyk's  for all of your Motorsports needs  216.390.4561

Richmond is proud to partner of our race team, manufacturing driveline products capable of withstanding extreme horsepower applications, even when operating in the most punishing environments..

"When Push Comes to Shove" you can count on Smith Brothers for your push rod requirements.  Gain horsepower just by changing the push rods in your motor.

Meziere made their name building electric water pumps and other cooling accessories. Since 1985 attention to quality and best engineering practices have set Meziere apart.   

Power, Precision, Passion – Auto Meter, the most respected manufacturer of high quality, performance aftermarket instrumentation, tachometers, gauges, gauge accessories. 

Isky Racing Cams and lifters are made from the highest quality materials and finest workmanship available.  HM Motorsports is proud to have them part of our team.

Manufacturer of piston rings for racing and street engines. Total Seal Engine Development Center produces custom engines for street, racing and marine uses.

Hawk Performance is a leading supplier of severe duty and high-performance friction brake products designed for motorsports and performance automotives.

Mike Collision has done an excellent job matching the front paint and body work that HM Motorsports encounter at Milan Dragway National event.  Mike's Collision does vehicle insurance work, hot rods, and show cars.  Mike can give you the quality paint job you are looking for your car. 

LSM is the innovators when it comes to cylinder head tools.  LSM has any tool you can imagine Valve Spring tester/ Valve lash tools/ Spring removal tools etc.  Contact HM Motorsports for details

JE Pistons have been apart of HM Motorsports since we started racing.  The last set of pistons lasted 3 seasons.  That is over 600 passes down the race track with no issues. (with and without NOS)  

Offers a comprehensive line of BRAD PENN® lubricants for today's passenger cars, fleets, commercial and industrial applications, and racing needs.

call Mike 248-349-8485 

Applied Racing Components (ARC) is a factory direct company.  ARC can provided your needs of  EGT Sensors, Nitrous Bottle Heaters, Oil Heaters, Battery Warmers, Temp Sensors.  They can bring you a Quality product at an everyday low price.


HM Motorsports

When you're looking to go fast, rely on NOS to deliver the most power per dollar available chose Nitrous Oxide Systems (NOS).   Holley has been providing NOS parts, and fuel pumps to HM Motorsports for several years to keep the team competitive. 

Your performance electronic source for ignitions, coils, distributors, timing controls, spark plug wires, starters and electronic fuel injection.

Moroso Performance Products is one of the worlds most respected suppliers of automotive equipment for racing and street performance applications.

"Engineering to Excellence"  Ferrea Racing Components have been used in HM Motorsports motors for years.  Ferrea Racing has powering their way to the winners circle.

 Celebrating 50th Anniversary of exciting, high quality products to suit your needs.  Quickest and fastest pass in X275

Through proven performance and an ongoing commitment to excellence, Jiffy-tite continues to excel at delighting their customers. Once you try a Jiffy-tite fittings you will never go back.